Viking Cave is a mysterious cave with a long history. A major collection point for outrageously valuable swift’s nests, the key components of the Chinese specialty bird’s nest soup. The nests will be collected by local Thai people that live in the cave to protect the nests and swifts. Nice spot for snorkeling. If you are lucky you can even see Black Tip Reef sharks in the shallow site.

Monkey beach is a world famous beach and worth visiting. Monkeys come out of the jungle for food and they are not afraid of humans. Watch them play around with their family and take some nice photos with them to make your memories last.

Pirate Cove or Leam Haad beach for the night snorkeling with glowing plankton. Jump in the water and more around to see the sparkly plankton glowing around your body.

Emerald lagoons or Pileh Lagoon is one of two gorgeous that await in Phi Phi Ley’s interior, As you enter the lagoon you will be surrounded with limestone mountains and emerald water. Swimming and enjoying the scenery.

Loh Moo Dee Bay is located on the east coast of PhiPhi Don in the south of the island. The bay is quiet and peaceful, lined with coconut trees. As you step in the bay you’ll feel the soft white sand under your feet. Relax in clear warm water and appreciate the view of Koh Pu and Koh Jum on the horizon, which will take your breath away.

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