Started on 15 June 2024

Day 1 is a Static Clinic. On Day 2 you will learn 4 section breathing techniques with new efficient breathing patterns.

You will also learn advanced skills like exhaling before going down that allow your body to adjust gradually to new target depths.

You will also practice freefall with depth up to 25m. Day 3 is Deep Dives session when we explain techniques for deeper dives and use it in water sessions with maximum depth of 35m.

Course is finished with examples of training routines so you can practice freediving in the future.

Now that you are comfortable freediving, take the next step with deeper dives and longer breath-holds.

With this intense 3 days course you will learn and practice new freediving techniques which will drastically improve your performance.

3 Days 

Exhale and practice freefall

Max 35m. 

12,000 THB / per person

  • Advanced 4-section breathing technique
  • Pre-dive breathing pattern
  • Benefits and techniques of ‘Exhale Dives’ (FRC)
  • Freefall
  • Body adaptation to great pressure

Day 3 :

  • Stages and preparation for a deep dive
  • Visualization
  • Thoracic stretches
  • Lung capacity increasing exercises (packing)
  • Deep equalization techniques

Water Session
  • Warm-up routines
  • Specific breathing for exhale diving
  • Exhale dives with a maximum depth of 25 meters
  • Practice of advanced equalization techniques
  • Body relaxation and energy efficiency in the water
  • Full lung dives

Day 3 :

  • Full preparation for a deep dive
  • Exhale dives as warm-up
  • Full lung dives with a maximum depth of 35 meters
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