Started on 15 June 2024

Learn to control your body and mind with relaxation and visualizations techniques. Develop new skills to maximize your breath-hold ability.

3 minutes breath-hold GUARANTEED! Have a better understanding of your capabilities and discover what happens to your body during a long breath-hold.

Static Clinic is also Day 1 of the Advanced Course. If you like it and continue with Day 2 & Day 3 for your Advanced Freediver Certification.

1 Day  

Control your body

3,000 THB / per person

  • Mammalian dive reflex
  • Preparation for static apnea
  • Specific breathing technique for static apnea, pool and dry training
  • Breath-hold exercises
  • Relaxation, mind and body control techniques
  • Training routine for increasing breath-hold capabilities
Water Session
  • Body position and relaxation
  • Preparation for a maximum breath-hold
  • Maximum static apnea attempts
  • Minimum 3 minutes breath-hold
  • Safety procedures and practice
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