Started on 9 June 2024

Learn new breathing techniques to enable you to hold your breath for longer and dive with comfort. Learn all about Equalisation and develop a good kicking technique and streamlined position.

Reach depths of up to 20 meters. Instructors are with students at all times under the water, ensuring a safe and fun environment and building confidence.

2 days 

Good kicking with safe and fun

max 20m.    

9,500 THB / per person

  • Review of the freedives of Day 1
  • Fine-tuning the breathing technique
  • Physiology of breath-hold
  • Safety and rescue
  • Safety & rescue procedures in the water
  • Pranayamas – yogic breathing with application to freediving
Water Session
  • Warm up dives
  • Practice of new breathing technique
  • Buddy team work
  • Safety procedures and practice
  • Practice FIM and CW dives
  • Maximum depth up to 20 meters
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